Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Illustration 3, Project 1 thumbs: Little Lollie in Limbo

A compilation of Little Lollie Leopard thumbnails, inspired first by Seurat and Impressionist plein air paintings, eventually rolling into Victorian/Edwardian illustrations like Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Digital Painting Excercise: Toys

Apparently this is a "Pygmy Puff"? It just looks like a mouse stuck in cotton candy to me.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Illustration 3/5, The River Flows through It: Sketches

Concept Sketches: Water, Water, and More Water.

Pumped to show off some initial ideas I was having for the project. There isn't anything I'm looking for more than to exercise with my idea of what water looks and feels like. Also, experimenting with incorporating animals and other landscapes with it.

Quick concept painting of a previous sketch I liked. The paper I used buckled too easily, so next time, I'll use a different type of sketchbook that can handle my water usage. 
Lastly, listened to the three songs on my own and took notes and a quick, initial sketch. I'm thinking I'll peruse the first sketch, since it has a woman meeting a waterfall and the aquatic life flowing inside of it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Digital Painting: Artist Reference of Choice


Celine Kim immediately comes to mind when I think "What do I want to do achieve in my artwork." She is an up and coming concept artist, just graduating with her MFA, Her work encompasses the essentials of pre-production in animated movies. Not only is it concept art, but character design, prop design, visual development, and storyboarding. She has a beautiful painting style and the uniformity of her presentation is something I really need to take into account with my own work throughout this year. I also admire her attention to environment and architecture, especially in her Phantom of the Opera concept art. Better interiors is another thing I'm striving for this school year. .


Loish's digital painting is a great reference for painting in highly saturated and colorful subjects. Her color choice is the biggest catch to my eye, and I long to be that good at rendering with color in my own digital paintings.


Anastasia Kim, better known as Phobs, is a Russian comic artist and character designer. I chose her as she was one of my first favorite character designers. She is great with costume detail and making expressive and dynamic character features and expressions.


Tracy J. Butler, best known for Lackadaisy. She is the first digital artist that I saw that made me want to work with the medium. Like Phobs or Celine, Tracy's detailing in costumes and character variation is a huge draw, but Tracy's rendering style makes her characters, albeit they are still very cartoony, look like they take up space and weight. They look like they could exist in a believable manner. Also the extensive research she does to make sure her comic world is consistent with their historic period is a habit I picked up from watching her livestreams.


Cyril Rolando is a surreal digital artist. They are very open about their techniques and have many good tutorials, but the ones in particular I found the most useful were his water and cloud techniques, as well as how he chooses his color palettes.


Xamag is the artist for a long running comic called, "The Black Brick Road to O.Z." which is an alternate universe of the Wizard of Oz.